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Another recent development in betting is the ability to create custom bets. Many of the larger gambling operators offer custom bet options, such as Sky Bet’s RequestaBet tool or Bet365’s Bet Builder Custom bets also utilise social media, as gamblers can tweet companies with the hashtag #RequestABet, and the companies will build the bet. Dr Elliot Ludvig, Dr Philip Newall and Dr Lukasz Walasek from the University of Warwick told us their research shows “sports betting products that allow gamblers to customise their own bets are especially attractive to problem gamblers. In one recent survey, 16.0% of participants who had placed at least one custom bet were problem gamblers, compared to 6.7% who had never placed a custom bet.”

In Chapter 7 we discuss concerns about the ‘gamblification’ of sport, and in particular its potential impact on young people. A form of betting which may further exacerbate the impact gambling has on children is eSports, which are the competitive playing of video games. Researchers told us: “ESports represents the largest growth opportunity for sports gambling and presents a particular worry as its players and spectators are young.”164


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