Kunal being an Investment Banker and working in night shifts, bad eating pattern, he was struggling with overweight and lots of other health issues. He started with us for our BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE Season 1, initially could not do even for 5 min workout, we changed his eating pattern, made him learn basics of nutrition and fitness and with that now he is down by 30kg.

Kunal Gupta

Pune Lost 30kg

To Loose weight, I had joined Gym, did running, cycling, but no results, as I was lacking in my nutrition part due to no knowledge. When I joined the team, the most important result I got is I got to understand the concept of healthy active lifestyle and how can I continue with my studies and easily focus on my weight loss programme too. Till now lost 10kgs, now joined BTC.  To get my level 10 result.

Monali Mulukh

Pune, Maharashtra , Lost 20kg


Coming from a Army background, I was active always. But unknowingly I was consuming lots of simple carbs with extra calories. Thanks to the correct guidance and support from Amrit. He explained he concept of food composition and how crucial it is for long term health. Now I was able to reduce 12kg of fat and maintaining it since last 3 years. I am feeling more energetic and excited always. No weakness or  any health issues.

Dilip Kumar Mishra

Lost 12kg at age 60

Working as IT Engineer we always have to work 12hrs sitting at same place. I started doing gym, but no results. as I was eating a lot. Then even I tried running, but it caused knee injuries. Then  I started with the FITNESS program got amazing results. My digestion improved, energy improved, body pain, back pain reduced and was able to achieve my body need

Amrit Mishra

IT Engineer age 30 lost 6kg

amrit before after 3.jpeg

When we reduce fat and do a good detoxification of body it not just weight loss but tremendous changes you can see in whole body. We start looking younger more fitter more energetic and more active. These all happened with him.


Odisha, Mehnanical Enginner 10kg lost

Working for 12hours and not getting time to workout or eat properly, hanumant was struggling with lot of other health issues and now when he started his program he not just lost weight but improved his health overall. Skin improvement, body fat dropped, muscles increase.

Hanumant Chaudhary

PCMC 10kg 2 months


I had gained a lots of fat in belly section post pregnancy. Also the C section was giving lots of issues. I was suggested full bed rest. Since I started the nutrition program it helped me gain energy and get back my fitness and stamina. I started with the balanced meals and little zumba and got amazing transformation. I am grateful to the team for all support and guidance and motivating me.

Rashmi Rajmane

reduced post pregnancy weight

I was on medication since many years due to the thyroid, also I was having lots of hairfall. Since I started the plan I got so much information on eating habits, I learned about nutrition plan. I started immediately, lost 2kg and then no more hair fall, no more weakness, feeling so great. My thyroid also got reduced in this. Really grateful and happy that I got so much information and support from the Team. I even started my sister and mother also on the nutrition plan and they are also getting amazing results.

Heena Shaikh

hairfall reduced improved energy and thyroid decreased


I had tried so many things to lose weight but I was not getting results. I saw the results of Kunal my friend. and then I contacted Amrit. he explained me all and helped me get started with the weight loss plan. It was so easy and now I am maintaining since so many days. I am excited and happy I was able to achieve my dream body.

Komal Tenkal

20kg transformation

I tried so many things, but never got the results. and even if I got I was not able to maintain myself. ALways use to bounce bank. thats the issue I had always. Here I learned to eat healthy and importance of nutrition. Loved zumba and got my amazing transformation.

Kirti Chandtre

reduced 10kg Nashik


My doctor mentioned to lose weight as soon as possible. Even though I was playing basketball and all other stuffs I had not clue. My parents got me to this health club with help of balanced meals, good nutrition I started seeing some results. I continued  and got thoda sa slim. Feeling so happy now. My class mates are no more teasing me. Plus I improved on my games also.


Lost weight at 14age pst Hypo thyroid.

There was no time for me as my office work was very hectic... No time for gym and diet. Glad I meet Amrit. He explained me about herbalife nutrition weight loss plan. I was able to do even when No time. And got this transformation in a month. I am really happy  for the support and guidance.


5kg Transformation

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