Weight Loss Myths

With rise in the lifestyle diseases and over weight issues, people are searching for weight loss solutions, opting for gym, yoga, running etc. Without proper guidance resulting in no visible outcome, lots of other health issues due to incorrect diet and not able to follow properly consistently for longer duration.

Before starting any weight loss plan or diet, you should have clear goals with target monthly wise, a proper plan and should take guidance from a coach or trainer. Here are few steps or things to follow:

  1. BCA also called as Body Composition Analysis or Body Fat analysis where you can get complete body parameters including your fat percentage, muscle percentage, tuck fat, BMR, BMI etc. this helps in staying on track and know how you are progressing.

  2. Follow a sustainable diet plan. A 6 meal plan is most basic. This helps in avoiding your body to move into storage form and use your food accurately. Main advantage is it improves your metabolism also.

  3. Have accurate amount of necessary proteins. Every 1kg of body weight needs 1gm of proteins in daily basis to maintain a good muscle mass. Now depending on your eating pattern you can opt for protein sources like eggs, tofu, panner or cottage cheese, meat, spinach, brocolli, sprouts etc.

  4. Daily Water intake should be approx 4L for a person with weight of 80kg as every 20kg of body weight needs 1L of water. Having proper waters helps in good digestions and weight maintenance also.

  5. Avoid Packed food, go for more raw and natural stuffs. Packed items are mostly simple carbs and many times added artificial sweeteners, more salts , more fat also.

  6. Daily Workout for 20 min. In the busy schedule we tend to ignore the exercises. but daily exercises mostly weight training or strength training helps a lot in developing muscles and burning fat.

So make sure to follow properly and all the best. In case if you need help, let us know we will assign you a Health Coach who can guide you properly.