From IT professional to Fitness Coach

My name is Amrit Mishra, Being an IT engineer is a tough job. Long working hours, no fix timing, staying away from home. I have been working as a software enginner since 2010. Stay away from home eating most of time out side and in office cafeterias. Even though I use to go to gym 4 times a week for few months, but wrong eating habits never gave results.

I was also working as freelancer photographer and UI developer spending my weekends and working late night just to earn few more dollars.

But in 2016 I reached weight of 80kg, no running or gym was working. I use to eat a lot. And parties for me are like eating for whole coming week.Resulting lots of health issues started. Lack of energy, bad digestion, no stamina, lots of fat, breathing issues.

In 2016 September I thought of a change, went to ladakh solo trip for 21days and after I was back. Started searching for something meaningful to do with life. And then I found one fitness and nutrition club looking for health coaches.

This was the turning point of my life. Went through lots of training and classes to understand concepts of healthy active lifestyle and nutrition. Why nutrition is most important part, understood how nutrition plays very important role in daily basis. Changed my workout pattern and this is the result I was able to achieve.

This helped me a lot, I feel more energetic, more active, more fit than ever. Was able to win few running and cycling events as well.Touched the body fat percentage of 13%, improving muscle mass a lot.

And then I thought of taking this as a career, I know there are many like me who due to all incorrect information in internet and random diets struggle with lots of health issues. So now working on mission to make this world a better place health wise .