Tips to Look Your Best at Work

We spend so much time working so its worth the effort to look our best. Looking and feeling great will boost your confidence and perhaps your productivity, too.

Here are ways to help you look your best at work.

Dont be at office without your breakfast

Skipping breakfast is worst thing to do, make sure to have a protein rich breakfast to get you ready for the whole day. Plus it will help you boost metabolism and get you active and mentally ready for all long meeting.

Have a good skincare routine Office lighting can be draining to skin tones and accentuate dark circles. If that’s the case where you work, then simply accept it. At the very least, you know everyone in your office is in the same boat.

What can really help is creating a good skincare regimen to develop flawless, healthy-looking skin. Remember to cleanse your face morning and night, and invest in a quality face mask for midweek use to keep your skin looking fresh.

Take a break It’s likely you won’t look your best at work if you spend all day trapped indoors. Follow the golden skincare rule of wearing sunblock, and try to get outside for a short break. A walk around the block can make a world of difference to your skin.

Drop the excessive coffee

Coffee is great, but a lot can be dangerous too. Unwanted calories and sugar would effect your health a lot and I am sure, you wont like to have your belly popping out of your shirt.

Get up and move If you have no time to take a break, then fitness expert Samantha Clayton recommends stepping away from your email and walking over to a colleague’s desk instead.

That’s not all: Talking, laughing and gesturing will make you seem more approachable among your colleagues and stop you from blending in with the scenery.

Look away from the computer Staring at a computer monitor for hours does not help us look our best at the office. Do yourself a favor, regularly look away from your monitor and you’ll benefit your eyes and your work.

Take care of your hands I cannot stress enough the importance of moisturizing. Keep some hand moisturizer at your desk and remember to use it.

Stay hydrated Check your office policy and see if you’re allowed to use a mini humidifier. A humidifier will help combat dry air, which is a common side effect of constant air conditioning. If bringing in electrical appliances is a no-no, take a low-tech approach and remember to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated from the inside out.

Dress right Whether you have a specific office dress code or you can relax with a more casual look, make sure you’re always comfortable. If you have straps digging in or if you can’t walk in those shoes, then choose another outfit. No matter how good an outfit looks when you first put it on, you won’t look your best at work if you’re distracted and uncomfortable all day.

Ditch anything that’s worn out. This one can be hard if you love a certain item, but wearing something that’s frayed or has seen better days isn’t going to help you make a great impression. You don’t need to break the bank to look your best at work, but keep your clothes clean, ironed and neat.

Eat Correct

No matter where you are, eating right comes very first. Try to carry required nutrition and food. Avoid the junk available in your cafeteria. This will help you stay in your best shape always.