How are you utilizing the LOCK DOWN?

We all are in lockdown for the last many days and thanks to this pandemic we will be staying home for many more days to come. So how are you using your time at home? Or rather I would say how are you squandering your time?

Which one do you want to opt for? Spending or Utilizing. Many times we can't control everything which comes by, we have to adapt as per the situation. It completely depends on us how are we going to take it.

Jim Rohn says. What happens to us happens with everyone. What makes the difference is how we are taking the condition and how we are responding to it.

Initially, when this lockdown started we all cribbed complained and blamed each other for the problems. And now we all have adjusted to this situation. Now is the right time to see how we are doing every day. How are we spending our time? Here I am using the word spending cause what I believe is time is a kind of money. We all when we wake up get 24hrs, how do we use it completely depends on us. and the way we use it will show the results. If we are just blowing our time with all sorts of unproductive work social media scrolling, nonstop youtube videos, and unlimited Netflix. what do you think, what will happen when we are back to normal schedule post lockdown. and 2nd way is if we use time learning, improving, upgrading ourselves how things will turn?

Jim Rohn Says : for things to change, we need to change, for things to be better we need to better.

Since now we have to be at home locked up. It completely depends on us how we will use it. Now here I am not saying we dont need to enjoy or have fun obviously. But not at least 24hrs when our life and our family life is depending on us and our work. So here I am sharing a few things which we all can do to make this time most fruitful.

1. HAVE DAILY PLANS AND GOALS. A schedule will help you stay disciplined and focused on your goals. But before that, we need to make a list of things we want to achieve in our life or list of goals. It can be sort term, long or whatever you want. When you wake up in the morning you should know why you are waking for. What is the purpose of your life? The purpose will drive you to go ahead and do things beyond your limit. The purpose will give direction to your life and help you move in the correct path. So start with an intention and daily plan of action to accomplish it.

2. DAILY EXERCISE, MEDITATION We dont need to explain to you how crucial it is doing exercise on a daily basis and why should everyone do. Spending a minimum of 30min daily on your health and fitness is very basic. This is what your body needs. Dont be a sofa couch. get up move away from your TV.. and let's start with exercise. Choose as per your liking be it Zumba, yoga, calisthenics or HIIT, decide and start. No just calories burning, but this will pump you up ion your work, daily habits and you will be a happy person. Blood flowing through the veins during exercise will make you an enthusiastic person. I have seen many of our club members sharing the same experience. I am just asking for 30min, now you need to inculcate this habit to daily being engaged.

3. BOOK READING. One of my fav activities. I majorly like reading sci-fi or self-development books. Obviously nowhere reading dont means we will start reading comics. They are good. but now when we are pursuing our passion, a kid comics or love Nobel book is not going to help. We need to improve daily. And books are the best way to go for it. I have a hugs collectio0n of good motivation and self-development books which help me keep improving myself and my skills. Now yes obviously you can read different things which you like. But remember to treat your mind as garden whatever we put inside it will grow there. So be very cautious to see which kind of seeds you are planting and how you are taking care of your brain.

4. COMMUNICATION IMPROVEMENT Today's time, communication will take you or make you stay back. The skills of communication and people management are on top of the list. Now either we choose or not depends on us. But be it any field we all need to learn and master the beautiful skills of communication. I can be used in our college, our job or even if you are the boss of a company. And the same goes for people management skills. No, I am not asking you to be HR, but we need to learn how to handle our sentiments and people's emotions while dealing with people. Understanding their requirement and giving a direction to their emotions will help you and help them. Many times, I have seen lots of big companies and good projects fail due to a lack of good communication and good understanding among people.

For this Daniela Carnegie had done amazing work. He had this book as "How to influence people and make friends."


life is all about learning. The human brain is made to work and keep us improving every time, With evolution, we have developed our brain to a level where we can achieve anything we want when we give our 110%. Learning new things keeps you breaking sharp and running always. As per the research the more connection, we have in our brain. The sharp is our brain. Our brain is a collection of lots of connections, where we remember and keep all of our habits, The more activities we do, The more we train our brains, we are improving its performance. So keep up your imaginative juices flowing. If you have any hobbies do spend time enjoying it. It can be anything. Clearly we can't go out. so today we talk about indoor hobbies. and there are many. Chess, Cooking, Musical instruments, blogging, YouTuber or paint. etc.