How to Lose Weight in LOCK DOWN?

Right now every one of us working towards slowing down the COVID 19 graph. Well for that we all are at home locked down with our family. No gym running no fitness studios.

Now the question is how can we lose weight or maintain ourselves in this lockdown? Many people have been in touch, nervous about gaining weight while behind our closed doors and with little to think about other than food and mealtimes.

First, we all must understand healthy living is a lifetime commitment. There are no sortcuts here. So now I am going to share a few points on how to lose weight in the lockdown from home.

1. Make sure to have a schedule for yourself. From morning till evening before you sleep. Starting the morning with a plan of action for the whole day is going to help you stay focused on your goals. A schedule will help you stay in the plan and stay focused on your goal. So make a schedule and stick to it daily. And most important in this schedule dont add late night and late mornings. Try to set regular meal times across the day –

breakfast, lunch, and evening meal is a great start. Stick to this structure to help regulate your appetite and avoid unhelpful eating times and snacking behaviors setting in.

Plan your weekly meals. Keeping shopping trips to a minimum is tricky but if we can achieve it we will not only help reduce the spread of the virus and our exposure to it, it also means we will need to carefully plan weekly meals to be sure you have everything you require for them. Make use of any freezer space you have to keep things like bread and milk safe to eat. The silver lining to your planning and restricted shopping trips is that limited availability to poorer choices might just help you keep to what you intend to on your food plan.

2. Make sure to do 45min daily exercise.

Spend time in moving your body. Obviously we can't go the gym but we can do the workout at home. So we have many videos available to help you to do exercises at home. Start with 15min workout initially if you have not done it for the last 1 month. or else d 5min stretching and then followed by 30min exercises and 5min cooldown. Focus more on strength training as this is crucial for improving your muscles needed for fat loss. The more muscles we have more we lose fat. cause your muscles will burn more calories. Other than that if you love cardio so you can play Zumba and cardio on your Television or laptop and enjoy it.

3. Eat as per your body's need. not for taste.

Here I would like to focus more on vegetables and fruits rather than packed food. When we care to consume packed food they are also packed with lots of extra salt and other chemicals. So no Maggi or other packed stuff. Rather go for home-cooked food. Spend time on making your own lunch and dinner.

4. Cut down extra sugar and salt.

You need to reduce the consumption of sugar salt by 50%. and this is very crucial. Cause extra salt we consume causes water retention in our body and the sugar obviously is a hell amount of calories. On top of that, refined white sugar is the most dangerous thing... these are the major reason for all of the health issues.

5 Eat 50gm protein daily.

Yes sir. This has been told many times and by many people. Learn to eat your protein. No compromise in this. Your protein is the first and foremost important element of your body. So plan and consume it timely. I am sharing my video here do watch for more information.

6. Add lots of fiber. Not just digestive issues, but a good amount of fiber is most important for good weight loss. Our gut and the digestive tract is the engine of our body. and we have to keep it in good condition. SO eat and eat and eat fiber. here also I had made video watch it understand it and lets rick.

7. Drink enough water 4 liters daily.

Last is enough of water. Now 4 liter is minimum consumption every day. The amount of water you consuming shows how the body is going to work. So keep sipping water. you can add lemon, curd, and different things to improve the taste and stay hydrated. Lack of water is the reason for low energy and lethargy.

Let's start following these steps if you face issues I am always available. Feel free to get in touch with me at any time.