Hips don’t LIE

Hips don’t lie and waist makes you cry.

You go for jeans shopping. You search for perfect skinny jeans. You go to the changing room and dang! Doesn’t go beyond your thighs. You shrink and squeeze your thighs, holy crap! This is a tragedy! You curse the brand, the jeans. Well! You try a bigger waist size and hell yeah! Biggest size fits. Feels familiar?

Have you ever admired a man’s V shape? Have you ever admired a woman’s thin waist? Why did you admire it? It looks attractive? Sure it looks attractive but a small waist is more than attractiveness, its an indicator of your health. Just like those psychics gazing in a crystal ball and predicting future, waist to hip ratio predicts the possibility of having a lifestyle disease like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pcos, infertility etc.

So what is this waist to hip ratio?

WHR is the ratio of your waist circumference to your hip circumference. It tells you how much fat is stored on your waist, hips, and buttocks. It is used as a measurement for abdominal obesity.

A WHR above 0.90 in males and 0.85 in females is considered bad. Ideal WHR is 0.7 for females and 0.8 for males. You want to know your WHR?

It’s simple. Just follow the below steps:-

  1. Find a measuring tape.

  2. Bend sideways and find the point where your torso bends. Mark it that is your waist.

  3. Stand up straight and measure the waist circumference. Note the value.

  4. Now let’s measure hip circumference.

  5. Find the largest part of your buttocks.

  6. Wrap the tape around that region.

  7. Note the value.

  8. Use below formula to know your WHR.

WHR=Waist circumference/Hip circumference.

There you go, that’s your WHR. Is it above 0.90 and 0.85? Yes? Don’t worry! You can achieve the ideal limit. All you need is clean eating, moderate exercises, plenty of water, lots of laughter, some discipline and a banana a day. Wait! What banana a day? Yes, you heard it right. Banana helps in achieving a flat stomach. Try it. You will achieve an ideal WHR. So let’s do it! Together we can and we will.